10 Low Carb Swaps That Are Healthy And Delicious!


When you are looking to make positive changes, you likely are looking at your diet and realizing that carbohydrates can be an enemy. There are many ways to reduce your carb intake while enjoying foods that meet your cravings and let you enjoy your favorite dishes.

1Swap White Rice For Brown Rice or Cauliflower Rice

photo: Chicken Fried Brown Rice, by southernplate.com

You know that white rice is a processed and refined product, and because of that it also is a carbohydrate that breaks down rapidly, sending blood sugars rising. Certainly white rice does not need to be banned, but would be best when consumed when you are getting ready to exercise, or at an earlier point in the day when you have time to burn it off. Instead, you can try:
Brown Rice – Because the brown rice contains more fiber, it will be released more slowly into your bloodstream as energy. And because it is more of a full food, it has protein, B vitamins and even vitamin E. It won’t reduce your calorie count as you might think, only about 5 grams in a serving of 100 grams.
Cauliflower Rice – This will significantly reduce your carbohydrates in a dish while giving you the benefit of another serving of vegetable for your day.

Try these recipes:

Spanish Style Rice

Cauliflower Rice

Brown Rice & Pumpkin Salad

Chicken Fried Brown Rice