6 Effective Exercises To Get Rid of Arm Flab


arm-flabSculpt toned, sexy arms and shoulders with this simple arms workout. When you want to target specific muscles in the arms, using dumbbells is quick yet effective. Depending on your strength, grab at least two size weights ranging from 5 to 15 pounds so you can switch up the appropriate size dumbbells for each exercise. Get ready to go sleeveless!

3Bent-Over Row

Create shapely shoulders and a strong back with this move. Grab your dumbbells and follow these instructions. The recommended weight is ten to fifteen pound dumbbells.

  • Keep a flat back, while at the same time leaning forward with both knees bent.

  • Straighten your arms toward the ground. Lift the dumbbells toward the chest leading with your elbows. Be sure to pinch your shoulder blades together and do not arch your back.

  • Lower the weights slowly back to your starting position.

  • Complete 10 reps for one set.


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