7 Great Exercises to Easily Lose Weight



2. Kettlebell

Cast iron balls that are lifted with an attached handle are known as kettlebells. It differs from a dumbbell in the sense that a kettlebell’s weight isn’t balanced. As such, your muscles get a workout trying to stabilize your body as the kettlebell is lifted.

Using kettlebells can easily intensify your workout. In fact, you can burn as much as 400 calories during a 20 minute session!

The benefits of kettlebells are vast. They not only help you improve your balance, they also strengthen your core and align your posture. Kettlebells target the body’s stabilizing muscles and principal muscle groups.

Since kettlebell exercises affect the entire body, exercising with them will accelerate your metabolism, helping you burn calories much quicker. Your increased heart rate will give you an aerobic workout in the process! Actually, working out with a kettlebell for 20 minutes is just as effective in burning calories as running for six miles.


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