7 Great Exercises to Easily Lose Weight


Group of women working out in fitness studio

6. High Intensity Interval Training

As alluded to earlier, interval training is a very effective approach to weight loss, and can be done in about 20 minutes, give or take, three times a week. When training at high intensity levels, you burn a substantial amount of calories to elevate your metabolism.

High intensity interval training involves various forms of exercise, and involves brief-yet-strong spurts, followed by a decreased-intensity period, or a period of total rest.

You will burn far more calories doing 20 minutes of an interval workout that involves swimming, biking, lifting weights, walking or running than you will during 20 minutes of standard exercise.

Begin by warming up for approximately five minutes. Afterward, you’re going to push yourself as much as you can, and as quick as you can. Take a minute to catch your breath after that set, then repeat the activity with intensity. Cool down again for as long as three minutes, then once again, get intense and move your body!


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