7 Home Workout Tools Worth Owning


There are times when it is just impossible to leave the house to take part in a fitness club or gym membership but that does not mean you have to skip you r workouts. It can be very helpful to have both a gym membership and some equipment at home for a good workout.

When you consider what you might want to have for your home workouts, you will be considering the space requirements as you certainly don not have all the room a gym does. You will also need to take a look at the cost of the equipment, and the maximum variety of workouts you can get with what you purchase in order to maximize the breadth of your workouts. There is quite a gamut of options, from as simple as exercise bands to very costly rowing equipment. You can improve your fitness with these seven options that are likely to fit the bill for your in-home workouts.

1Rowing machine

Rowing machine – these can be used for multiple areas of fitness, not just one. You can certainly expend calories while using a rowing machine, but you will also increase muscular strength and tone, increase your endurance, and improve your heart and circulatory function. Also, for people with joint issues, the rowing machine is a good option as it does not place impact on joints as long as it is used properly. $225.37 at Amazon.

2Air bike

Air bikes are an improvement on the stationary bikes, with more resistance during your biking because the fan in the tire will increase the air resistance with your effort. So, when you are ready for a harder workout, you go faster and you will get more resistance. This is great for interval training and high intensity. With the air bike, your upper body gets involved as well, as you push and pull while you bike. Available at Amazon.

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike Available at Amazon.


3TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

TRX  is a suspension trainer that is attached to either the ceiling or doorframe, temporarily or permanently. Designed by a U.S. Navy Seal, this allows you be in the air, suspended, and to lean towards and against the straps, giving you less stability and resistance, which alters your balance and engages your core. In this way you will find that you will be able to work out your back and middle as well as hips and shoulders as you work out with this device. Single leg squats are attainable with this as a foothold as well. $129.95, Available at Amazon.


4Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands – these are some of the most cost effective options for your home gym and can be used for a variety of goals. They are commonly used in rehabilitation programs following injury or surgery. Resistance bands are commonly added to strength training programs as well due to their versatility. As they are small and easily portable they can be placed in small places or bags. Many people find they are wonderful for workouts when they are traveling. These more resistance when you are doing strength training, think arm or leg curls or extensions, or allow you to use more of your bodyweight to add to your workouts. These give you many options as you can attach them as well to sturdy objects for extensions. Available at Amazon.


5Ab Wheel

Ab Wheel – this is a favorite for helping to get a flatter stomach, and to increase your core workout. These are items that are smaller than other workout equipment, being excellent for the space challenged. It is basically a wheel with a bar through the middle, like an axle. The cost is small as well as the space it needs. It is even possible to create one of your own, however you should be careful in selecting the wheel center to achieve the smooth rolling you will want in your workout, and you certainly don’t want to to tip, shift or even break while you are using it. Consider your weight and make sure to select one that can support you safely. You will want to be able to roll back and forth, without catches, for the smooth movement that will get you the greatest benefit. Think also about the comfort of the hand grips as you will be placing a lot of weight on these as you do your exercises. $34.49 Available at Amazon.


6Foam Roller

Foam Roller – this is a device to help work out the kinks and sore muscles after you begin working out. With experience in use, this can even feel nearly like a good massage, without the pricetag! The foam roller will deal with the sore tight muscles by breaking up adhesions, loosening tight muscles, and improving the healing of your body. This will aid with post-workout pain, and even soreness on the days you don’t get in a workout. Available at Amazon.


7Stability Ball

Stability Ball – also known as a Swiss ball, a balance ball, an exercise ball or a fitness ball, they all basically mean the same thing. These are large balls that you see frequently in fitness centers and often in people’s homes as well. They do take up some “unique” space. Because they are not inherently stable, sitting on one will engage your core muscles to address your balance. Most users find that they can use them with basic exercises to add to the muscular workout because of the instability of the surface that is used for the plank, the push up, the squats. Because of the give of the ball, the movements that are used have less strain, particularly spinal and muscular strain, making them a favorite for those recovering from injury or surgery. Available at Amazon from


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