8 Lower Body Exercises for Slimmer Thighs


Over the years, we have learned all about how to remove fat from our stomachs as well as targeting every other individual area on our bodies. However, there is one that remains a little bit of a mystery. If you were to ask ten different people how to target their inner and outer thighs, you would be close to seeing ten different answers. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of the very best exercises when looking to target the inner and outer thighs. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

2Seated Leg Lift & Sweeps

With your feet extended, sit down on a mat and aim to lift one leg from the ground without activating your torso or hips. When ready, bring it around to one side before bringing it back and lowering to the ground. Then, switch legs and try it here remembering not to let the torso or hips twist with the leg. At first, this may be extremely tough but you will soon get it as long as you keep trying.


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