Young Widow Sheds 9 Stones With Help of Daily Selfies


Justine McCabe, 31 lost her devoted husband, John Paul in February 2015. She soothed her grief with fast food, barely leaving the house, simply frozen at rock bottom.

By May of last year, friends and family encouraged her to perk up by working out at the gym and shedding some of her 22 stone 3 pound weight.

Once this mum-of-two started exercising she felt uplifted and now wanted to change her life for the better by going on a serious quest to lose weight. She began taking one selfie a day and this went on for an entire year, documenting her journey as she shed that excess weight.

McCabe stopped gorging on high-calorie snacks, switching them out for clean eating. She traded large meals for regular workouts at the gym where she bought a membership, going six times per week.

During this journey she decided to challenge herself by doing things she was afraid of, like skydiving, travelling overseas alone, climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower, etc.

It’s been a year since she began her challenges and she is now unrecognisable since losing nine stone (124 lbs.) and going from a size US-24 dress to a size 10.

McCabe said that once she began losing weight she started becoming more adventurous in life.

Despite being very fearful of flying and of heights, she conquered cliff jumping and parasailing and even flew off to visit Paris.

McCabe started gaining weight at age 18 during her pregnancy, gaining over six stones (80 lbs.)


From there she continued to gain weight as her eating went out of control, always having snacks from convenience stores and consuming large portions at every meal. She eventually hit 22 stone 3 pounds (313 lbs.) after her husband died.

Seven months after committing herself to a healthy lifestyle, she had shed 100 lbs., a huge milestone for her. At this point she was able to put on a pair of jeans she hadn’t worn since she was 18 years old.

She now weighs 13 stone 5 pounds (189 lbs.) and is determined to continue with the challenges because they’ve enriched her life immensely.

McCabe gives credit for her weight loss to her own determination as well as her online coach who keeps her motivated.

>>Check out the video documenting her transformation below:<<



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